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The good news is that there is a solution for Singles like you.

For most singles, a life long partner can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially if you are well familiar with the pitfalls of online dating sites, clubs and bars.

At Vital Partners we work with singles who are genuinely unattached seeking like minded people.

  • Singles ready for a family
  • Widowers seeking companions
  • Divorcees open to love again

Regardless where you're at, if you are genuine about meeting your special someone, we are here to help.

The people we have on our books are genuinely unattached seeking a long lasting relationship. They're not in it for a fling or a one night-stand they're looking for something more substantial when it comes to having a relationship.

Process for a Woman

How we introduce you to a potential partner is that we would contact you first. You'd get the gentleman's details and his physical description, a photo of him if you like and his regular interest too.

When you're keen to meet him, we then contact him to make sure he's keen too. Then when he is, we pass on your phone number to him. Is this comfortable for you?

Process for a Man

The way we would introduce you is that, we contact the ladies first for you. When she's keen, we contact you with her details.

What you would get is her physical description, a photo of her if you like as well as her regular interests. When you're keen we give you her telephone number. Is this comfortable for you?

What Our Clients Say

  • Hi Recel, Michael and I are great. We hit off so well we actually decided to get married, have bought a house together, and are now expecting our child together. Some year, eh? We can't thank you enough. We are extremely happy. Thank you.    
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    - Vital Partners Reviews | Ally and Michael
  • It was 3 years ago that I was introduced to my partner. We clicked straight away and are now living together. I went to Vital because I was also sick of internet dating. It's reassuring to know all guys are screened and I only met the ones I wanted to meet. I support them wholeheartedly!
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    - Vital Partners Reviews | MT. Chatswood
  • Vital Partners were the guiding force behind the introduction of Denis and myself. Denis had come out of a 25 yr marriage and was left 3 boys to rear and I had been a single mother of 2 for a few years and had literally given up meeting any decent men who had similar background and interests. I...
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Denis and Amanda
  • If you are a professional single and time poor, but searching for a potential partner I understand the frustration. It can be daunting and exhausting. So unlike most people who may try different venues or events, in search of that special someone, or those that feel more secure online trying to figure...
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Dr G-Manly
  • Hi Recel, An update for  you.. When Derek and I met for the first time Saturday night I was as nervous as all hell!!! I wasn't at all nervous with the other ones but this one just seemed different (from the phone conversations - we talked for hours!) Anyway, I met him and knew instantly there...
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Derek and Julie
  • John and I have been seeing each other for five months yesterday. John was the third man that I had met through Vital. We met at a club and had drinks the first meeting and had a lovely evening. We agreed after the first meeting that we would go out again. The second meeting was a picnic, where we both...
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Lorraine and John
  • Kasin and I are well past the tea and coffee stage. We are just spending the weekend together and fyi - Hope you had a great X mas and all the best for a wonderful new year. Have spent most of our time swimming and just relaxing. Great weather. We  will keep you informed. Kasin and Ian
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Kasin and Ian
  • To Recel & Staff, We are on our first mini holiday together. Things are great. Together we have so much in common and we are growing stronger every day. Thanks so much for your services and support throughout the whole process. Best wishes and we will keep you posted on progress. From...
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Rebecca and Matt
  • I wish I could express the gratitude I feel in many different ways. It's hard to say the meaningful things; the words that come to mind usually find themselves falling short of the feelings I'd like to share and the things I'd like to say. But  I want you to know that 'thanks' is one emotion...
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Glenn and Slyvia
  • Dear Vital Team,   Thank you so very very much for the introduction! Your choice was perfect! We are so very happy together and truly "haven't looked back" since we met 18 months ago.   Thank you again, to you and Vital.    
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Peter and Eva
  • To the staff at Vital Partners, You know how I told you in my last letter that Brett and me didn’t work out. Well, I realised that Brett may be the right guy for me. We became really good friends and we are getting closer and closer. I just wanted to write to you all and thank you for introducing...
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Tanya and Brett
  • Please find enclosed last payment to complete my file with  Vital. Thank you for all your help that you have been . Lex and I are getting on like a house on fire and are very happy to be seeing each other. We speak regularly each day, enjoy each others company  and have many commonalities. It has...
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Ursula and Lex
  • the Vital crew Thanks for the great ad you wrote up for me as well as the phone message. It was very successful, I now have that many girls on the go I don’t know what I am going to go with them all. But not to worry. I will keep in touch. Scott
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Scott and Lori
  • Thank you both for attending our wedding and making the day special. We would like to thank you all at Vital Partners for the lovely blender.  Also for matching Ros and I together. A match made in Heaven. Lots of  love Roslyn and Gerry
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Roslyn and Gerry
  • May all your Christmas wishes come true!   Thanks for all the fun you organised, Mylan and Lisa   Love Andrea
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Andrea
  • To all the team at Vital   Thank you for helping us find each other!   Love, Sharon and Peter    
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Sharon and Peter
  •   Am spending a few days in beautiful Paris. Going next week in Italy and then to Israel to visit my mother. Hope you are well. Keep up the good works.   Kind regards Terry
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Terry
  • As discussed in our last phone conversation I wanted to express my appreciation to you and your colleagues for the service offered to me and though that service, I have met Fiona. While it is “early days” I am hopeful of something permanent developing. Like all people in their 40’s we each bring...
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Ninian and Fiona
  • Sorry I have been so long responding to your request ,but I have been extremely busy, plus trying to cope with my new social life that you helped create for me ! Margaret is very shy about revealing that she had to use a service such as yours to find a partner, but I am not at all embarrassed about...
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | John and Margaret
  • To the team at Vital Partners , I am just writing to update you on the progress of myself and Rod. We first met on 20/04/2005 and from that moment we both knew we wanted to be together. We moved in together early August 2005.  We both still can’t believe how we found each other. Two people could...
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Melanie and Rod

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