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Dating Agency For Sydney And Canberra

The good news is that there is a solution for Singles like you.

For most singles, finding a lifelong partner can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially if you are well familiar with the pitfalls of online dating sites, clubs and bars.

Vital Partners is a Canberra and Sydney based matchmaking agency that works with singles who are genuinely unattached and seeking likeminded people.

  • Singles ready for a family
  • Divorcees open to love again
  • Widowers seeking companions
  • Professionals looking for love

Regardless of where in life you're at, if you are genuine about meeting your special someone, our matchmakers are here to help. We know circumstances are different for everyone, so we open our doors to as many eligible people as possible so we all have the best shot at finding that special someone to love us.

Why Vital

What does Vital Partners offer that is unique for genuine Singles?
  • Founded in 1986, it means we have three decades of experience in finding your special someone
  • The Vital Qualities – flexibility, understanding and reliability
  • A safe and secure environment to meet like minded people
  • Easy line of communication between clients and staff i.e. physical office, telephone, email
  • Staff open to give advise and always ready to listen on clients concerns/needs throughout enrolment term
  • Confidentiality – unmarked envelopes
  • Credibility – established since 1986, advertise in cinemas, radio, outdoor and social medias
  • Vital Partners welcomes all genuine singles
  • Free Personal Consultation – we screen and qualify Clients to ensure we can help by learning more about them and what they are looking for in a partner
How do you get introduced?

Unlike other dating sites we use different approach for introducing people. There are no blind dates or wild goose chases; with permission, comprehensive information is exchanged which can include a photo, a physical description and a list of interests and values. Your Consultant will then speak to you personally describing the character and personality of your potential partner. If you feel comfortable with the introduction, we can pass on a telephone number – both parties always have total control over who they choose to date.

And if that magic chemistry isn’t there we just continue to introduce you until you find that special someone.

The Vital Difference
Online Dating Vital Partners
Personal Assistant On Your Lovelife
Clients Are Screened and Verified
Guaranteed Dates
You Are Matched By Real People NOT By A Computer
Personal Dating Tips and Advice
Completely Confidential
No Limit To How Many Introductions You Receive

Founded in 1986, we have the experience and the ability to help you find your life partner. Young singles seeking a committed relationship, seniors looking for companionships are what we do best at our matchmaking agency. Share your life is our motto, because we believe no matter how old you are the sensation of love is just as comforting and joyous to be had. These values has been the secret of introducing our happy couples and becoming the premier dating agency for men and women over 30’s and 50’s in Australia, helping them discover or rediscover love once again.
If you’d like to find out more about our dating services for singles in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact our matchmakers by calling (02) 9017 8444 in Sydney or (02) 9017 8426 anywhere in Canberra. Alternatively, feel free to send a message through our contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you.

A friendly, experienced matchmaking agency for men & women

The people our matchmakers have on their books are genuinely unattached seeking a long lasting relationship. They're not in it for a fling or a one night-stand they're looking for something more substantial when it comes to having a relationship. With a diverse clientele of single men and women, our matchmaking agency is for professionals, executives, divorcees, widowers and seniors, making it the perfect place to meet people from all stages and walks of life.

Process for a Woman

How we introduce you to a potential partner is that one of our dating agency staff would contact you first. You'd get the gentleman's details and his physical description, a photo of him if you like and his regular interest too.

When you're keen to meet him, we then contact him to make sure he's keen too. Then when he is, our matchmakers pass on your phone number to him. Is this comfortable for you?

Process for a Man

The way we would introduce you is that, our matchmakers contact the ladies first for you. When she's keen, we contact you with her details.

What you would get is her physical description, a photo of her if you like as well as her regular interests. When you're keen we give you her telephone number. Is this comfortable for you?

What Our Clients Say

  • Dear Recel and the Vital Team, What an ABSOLUTELY wonderful email to read this thundery, wet, grey, miserable British morning, it’s quite made our day! Yes, in answer to your question, both of us are fine and are doing well. It was great to hear that our love story is known to you and you’ll...
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Helen & Alan
  • If you are a professional single and time poor, but searching for a potential partner I understand the frustration. It can be daunting and exhausting. So unlike most people who may try different venues or events, in search of that special someone, or those that feel more secure online trying to figure...
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Dr G-Manly
  •   My wife and myself would like to let you know we met through your service and on December 23 we celebrated 15 years of very happy married life. We do recommend your agencies to other people we have met. We met in March 1999 and married in December the same year. Thank you again for the...
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Mr & Mrs Hill
  • Hi Recel, Michael and I are great. We hit off so well we actually decided to get married, have bought a house together, and are now expecting our child together. Some year, eh? We can't thank you enough. We are extremely happy. Thank you.    
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | Ally and Michael
  • It was 3 years ago that I was introduced to my partner. We clicked straight away and are now living together. I went to Vital because I was also sick of internet dating. It's reassuring to know all guys are screened and I only met the ones I wanted to meet. I support them wholeheartedly!
    read more »
    - Vital Partners Reviews | MT. Chatswood

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