01, 2016

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Dear Recel and the Vital Team,

What an ABSOLUTELY wonderful email to read this thundery, wet, grey, miserable British morning, it’s quite made our day! Yes, in answer to your question, both of us are fine and are doing well. It was great to hear that our love story is known to you and you’ll be pleased to hear it’s still positive and happy. Coming up this November 30th, can you believe, it will be our Silver Wedding Anniversary. I can’t believe it myself as I feel sure that Alan has put up far too much with that marital line that vicars use in the wedding ceremony ‘for better or for worse’. Poor old Sean at the beginning I (Helen) gave him such a shocking hard time. He’d arrange for me to see some splendid fellow and the date wouldn’t work out for some reason or another, and he’d phone me the next morning and say “Well? How’d it go?” and my standard reply would be NEXT! That went on for such a long, long, long time but dear Sean never gave up on me although I was willing to throw the towel in after a month or so. Just shows how much I know!

Meantime, Alan and I wish all of you a tremendously healthy, happy and super successful 2016.

All our best wishes,

Helen & Alan

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